No availability is expected for 2021 or 2022, due to overwhelming inquiries and considerations with my dogs.

Please note: Zelosia puppies are available as companions only. I do not place puppies into breeding homes, nor do I place puppies as Emotional Support Animal or Service Dog prospects. 

For information about puppies, please contact Mia at Be sure to include information about yourself, your family, your lifestyle, past/present dog experience, and any other information you believe is important in defining you as a prospective owner. Thank you!


Searching for puppies from reputable breeders is very challenging at present. Breeders have been inundated with mass quantities of inquiries by email, phone, and even social media platforms. I will outline a couple of important considerations below (some are specific to my needs, but most tips apply to breeders across the board):

1. Start your research at the breed's parent club (for Cavaliers, that's ACKCSC and for ETS it's ETSCA). Parent club websites have tons of info about the breed, including health concerns, characteristics, history, and breeder referral. Please do not expect a breeder to have time to educate you on every aspect of the breed you are considering - when you inquire to a breeder about dogs/puppies, you should be quite sure the breed is a good fit for your family. 

2. Use your research to introduce yourself to the breeder. It is exceedingly unhelpful for an inquiry to consist solely of "we want a Blenum Cavy girl, how much?" If your main concern is the price of a puppy, and you haven't done enough research to spell the breed or its colors correctly, your inquiry will not be taken seriously. An initial inquiry should consist of detailed information about you, your family, your lifestyle, your dog experience, and any other information that helps illustrate why a Cavalier or an ETS is the right choice for your family. 

3. Initial inquires should come to me via email. Recently, due to the huge volume of inquiries, I am generally able to reply on weekends only. I NEVER reply to inquiries that come across social media platforms, as I consider that completely inappropriate. I also never take initial inquiries via telephone, and my voicemail greeting indicates this. My dogs are not my source of income; I work full-time to support myself and the dogs, and I simply do not have 6-8 hours per week to spend on the phone with everyone who calls. However, I always schedule a phone call with prospective homes after we connect and have a conversation via email first. 

4. A persistent, polite interest in my breeding program is appreciated. This shows me that a family is still interested in a puppy from me. Most of the time, after I respond to an initial email, I never hear from people again. I appreciate it when people check in with me for basic updates about my plans, and if I might have puppies. I also am never offended when people are inquiring with multiple breeders simultaneously, and usually I will encourage this, as my breeding program is small and I can't possibly have a dog available for every great family that inquires. 

5. Please be patient and understand that this is my hobby and biology isn't perfect; breeding dogs comes with both joy and sorrow. Puppies sometimes die, and sometimes I can't do a breeding I planned. I do not "fill orders" for others or do breedings based on anyone's needs except my own - I always do a breeding when the goal is for me to keep a puppy or puppies for myself. Cavaliers and ETS are toy breeds and do not generally have large litters. A litter of 3-4 is average and they frequently require around-the-clock neonatal care for the first couple of weeks.