Clyde's Health Testing: 

  • Heart Clear July 2021 (cardiologist)
  • Eye Clear July 2021 (ophthalmologist)
  • Patellas Normal (practitioner)

Clyde has frozen semen breedings stored at Zoetis for future use. 

Clyde is my young boy from Blake x Nougat. He is a total sweetheart, a true Cavalier who loves the one he's with. 

Clyde at 2 years old....February 2021

Clyde at 2 years old....February 2021

Clyde's First Major!


Clyde won his first points, a major (4 points) under judge Donna Renton from the Bred-By Exhibitor class at Vancouver Kennel Club. He turned 9 months old the day after his win. 

Clyde's Second Major!


I am so grateful to Baylee Lewis for handling Clyde to his second major at Sammamish Kennel Club


September 17, 2021

A huge THANK YOU to our friend Baylee Lewis for finishing Clyde in short order. We are thrilled!

Clyde has moved to Hong Kong!

Clyde is now living with our friend Jenny Ip in Hong Kong with the Eclipse Cavaliers